Published on November 19, 2005 By Steve Grenier In Life Journals
It's been some time since my last skin, and an even longer time since my last original skin. I've been working on different skins over the last year, and I have some outstanding designs. Although it seems the farther along I get, and closer to finishing the theme the more problems I run into. Time after time I have run into problems due to the restrictions Windowblinds has. Now some of you may tell me to simply suggest it to Neil, but I have conversed with Neil many times and most of my problems are things that just aren't possible. So I sit there with a buggy theme and don't know where to go from there. Some problems can be corrected by limiting the design and making the theme suffer in order for it to work properly, other can't be fixed without completely changing the design, and in my current position that isn't possible as it would result in a theme that doesn't match itself. Therefore the only one to correct a few minor problems is to redesign the entire theme which as most skinners would know, a little bit of work So I don't know what to do from here, I've contemplated just calling it quits and not bothering to make any more themes, and just put these themes I've been working on, on the shelf and let them collect dust with the rest of my unfinished pieces. On the other hand I have a fan base, that would like to see my work and would be unprofessional to just call it quits and not bother finishing the themes they have been waiting for. I'm not sure what I expect to get out of writing this, I guess to see if there are any other authors who experienced similar things. I'm not going to call it quits just yet, I'm going to try and finish my themes and overcome these problems I have, but there are some that just can't be done without a complete redesign and I don't want to throw away the current design I've worked so hard on. No one should feel obligated to reply, I just wanted to vent out and maybe get some insight from other authors. Thanks to those that read.
on Nov 19, 2005

Have you tried out the new per pixel borders.  We added support for buttons on the left with you in mind.

on Nov 20, 2005
Heh, yea I have. I'm not going to be using them until they add support for additional buttons such as rollups and I'm still fighting for the visibility options to link buttons together.
on Dec 23, 2005
Oh, this sounds very bad. And I don't know nothing about skinning. There's no way to change some things in windowblinds to make you finish your work proudly? If not, there's no way to create another skinning engine with more freedom? Another program? I'm sorry about my complete ignorance about this, but I love your skins badly, and it would be a shame if you quit. What could be my desktop without you! Anyway, if you feel no motivation to keep your works going, it should be fine if you stay away for a while. Like painters do with their paintings.
Thank you. Tiger forever! Greetings from Buenos Aires.
on Jun 10, 2007
please don't stop skinning ur brill try ur best to get then finished