Published on December 13, 2004 By Steve Grenier In Blogging

I have tried having this conversion on other forums but it always gets out of hand with people flaming eachother. I just want to have a conversation about the subject and hear peoples thoughts on it and maybe clear some rumors about it up. There are many people who think it's bad and that it's very bad for your lungs. Me being from Canada I smoke it regularly so I don't have a problem with it. The only factor I can see is that it is bad for the lungs as is any smoke to inhale. I was thinking for medical reasons, if they extracted the THC from inside the plant and simply put it in canisters and distrubute it to patients much like anesthesia. That way there is no lung damage from inhaling the smoke and the patients can be given certian dosages to scale rather than having to smoke up.

Say what you have to say. All opinions welcome.

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on Nov 06, 2006
It kills you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No matter what you do, every breath you take brings you one step closer to death.

I'll rob a quote from Jim Morrison: The future is always certain that the end is always near.