Published on December 13, 2004 By Steve Grenier In Blogging

I have tried having this conversion on other forums but it always gets out of hand with people flaming eachother. I just want to have a conversation about the subject and hear peoples thoughts on it and maybe clear some rumors about it up. There are many people who think it's bad and that it's very bad for your lungs. Me being from Canada I smoke it regularly so I don't have a problem with it. The only factor I can see is that it is bad for the lungs as is any smoke to inhale. I was thinking for medical reasons, if they extracted the THC from inside the plant and simply put it in canisters and distrubute it to patients much like anesthesia. That way there is no lung damage from inhaling the smoke and the patients can be given certian dosages to scale rather than having to smoke up.

Say what you have to say. All opinions welcome.

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on Dec 14, 2004
Unlike alchohol there is no legal limit for drug-driving, therefore any amount found in the bloodstream is illegal.

Smoking tobacco should be made illegal, and hospitals should refuse treatment for people who smoke. I had to wait 2+ years for my heart operation (eventually going in as an emergency) because the queue was full of self-inflicted heart diseased smokers.
on Dec 14, 2004
It is about the beginning of the end of drivers getting away with killing people while adversely affected by drugs OTHER than alcohol ....I for one wouldn't care what drug it was or wasn't....death by vehicle should be murder, either way, under the influence or not.
on Dec 14, 2004
Marijuana has pretty much the same negative effects that cigarette has, plus a few extras. There is nicotine in marijuana, and tar, and carbon monoxide. Saying cigarette is bad and marijuana is good is somewhat hypocritical, or ignorant. Add to that that marijuana dulls your mind and make your senses less acute (a bit like alcohol), and it's definately not something that I would call a good thing. Especially if you're driving. Note also, that you can get in serious trouble (in Canada too) if caught driving intoxicated (by marijuana or alcohol), and there ARE tests that can determine the amount of THC in your blood.
Marijuana can have some good in some medical cases (it's a good analgesic for patients in extreme pain, as said before it dulls your senses), but otherwise for healthy people it's a bad idea.
on Dec 14, 2004
"It does dull your senses and in the long run it will be something you will need to lay off of if you want to run a business or what not."

How will you know when "the long run" is up if you blow your mind. You think you are controlling your own mind but this and other drugs have a funny way of taking over before you know it.

You seem to have a way of articulating your thoughts at the moment.

Don't waste a good mind.
on Dec 14, 2004
I used to smoke, daily, havent now for over 6 years, and i find my life has improved, all around, i can actually think again, and my goals have changed, personally, I think we should just use it for its resources, like making rope, etc, too me theres more to life than getting high,, just my experience on the matter,,,,Joe S.
on Dec 14, 2004
You know i am also canadian,and was for the last 30 years a truck driver. And you could not belive the amount of people i have seen killed on the roads due to stupidity. So what i belive is that if you are caught driving under the influnce of pot, or booze you should get a 3 year prison term.It may seem rought, but have you ever Thaught about how many lives it destroys.Not to get graphic,but have you ever seen a child that has just been killed in a traffic accident.Due to some stupid fool, that just wanted to have a good time.Well i have. You know i belive that as aldults we are responsible for our actions, And should be held accountable for them
on Dec 14, 2004
I work with youth (I am a counselor) that are addicted to a variety of drugs, including alcohol and marijuana. I have seen once bright youth with very promising futures lose it all because someone told them that marijuana was harmless. There is a ton of research that proves how toxic marijuana is to the system, much more than cigarettes. There is also a ton of research on impairment that it causes. In the end, though, it boils down to what you tell yourself - you would be surprised at how many of the youth that I work with on a daily basis would tell you that everything in their life was good, despite the fact that everything around them was falling apart, mainly due to their abuse of mood altering chemicals.
on Dec 14, 2004

driving I do drive after "smoking up" because it doesn't create any problems

It does dull your senses

So, it is OK to have dulled senses when driving?

In the US, we have a "Driving while under the influence".  That would include drugs of any sort, because it *does* affect your driving.

on Dec 14, 2004
Just for the moment (har har) lets say that I'm some lunatic out to destroy my body with as many pyscotropic drugs as possible (because I'm not really, but I support the following views)...

I'm a moderate american. I support the right to trash my body however I see fit. Because, after all, I own my body. Americans are allowed to eat fast food until they explode. Americans are allowed to destroy their lungs and livers as they see fit. We're also allowed to swim in the deep end of the pool without a lifegaurd present (no diving!).

If I want to drive a tank down the road, and I can pay the taxes on the tank to do so, damnit I should be able to.

People should be able to do whatever they would like.. TO THEMSELVES. Only when a person's own actions infringes on the lives or livelyhood of another should their actions be regulated. Such is drinking; you drink - you get drunk - you wake up without recolection of what you did. Thats fine and peachy. You drink - you get drunk - you drive; *buzzer sounds* that's where youre likely to have a negative impact on someone else's livelyhood, and that's where you should be regulated.
on Dec 14, 2004
OK, since when did this become a discussion about being stoned and driving...As far as the subject as a whole I honestly don't think there is a problem with smokin marijuana. I smoke weed, but i don't smoke cigarettes. It's just a matter of picking your poison. It's your life right? You should be able to live it as you wish.
on Dec 14, 2004
People do have the right to destroy their bodies any way they like, though they should be a little more aware of the effects these things have on them before setting out to do so. Saying pot is harmless is a perfect example. So, you drink/toke, get drunk/high, black out but you're alive the next day, and you think it's all good. Then you realize you woke up in a drunk tank or rehab because you were trying to drive home.

People are, inherently, stupid. They'll be more likely to be more stupid the more intoxicated they get, whether through drugs or booze. I couldn't care less about what diseases they bring on themselves, but they aren't the only people they're affecting in their haze.
on Dec 14, 2004
It's one thing to say it's bad but actually saying it's makes a big difference when driving is another. If you have actually ever done it you can see that it's not that harmful when driving on the road. It makes you more aware and you see everything going on around you and at least me, take it slower and more careful. How many deaths have been caused by drivers under the influence of marijuana. Look at the number of deaths from alcohol. As far as it controlling your life. That's so stupid. There are people we can get horribly addicted and there are people that can do it fine and they still can perform normally. It makes me so angry everytime someone makes a comment like that. Look at alcoholics. There are people that can drink and not become an alcoholic and there are some that will right off the bat. It's the same with marijuana. There are the ones that become horribly addicted and there are those that don't and can control themselves.

As far as being in Canada they don't freak out when pulled over while under the influence the only things they do is take away any of the marijuana you have and the products you use to smoke it with. If they can tell that your are 2 out of it to drive then they will make you call someone to take you home. Simple as that.

It's just annoying to hear people saying you will "blow your mind" and not be able to control your actions. It's nothing like that. it doesn't affect your knowledge or the way that you perform in life and/or the actions you do. (ie. Driving) I'm sure smoking is bad for the lungs, that is true. But there are alternatives for taking the drug that doesn't involve smoking. Just like with anything there are the people that can't handle it.

There are bad drivers anywhere regardless what drug/alcohol your on. Bad drivers are bad drivers.
on Dec 14, 2004
If you have actually ever done it you can see that it's not that harmful when driving on the road. It makes you more aware and you see everything going on around you and at least me, take it slower and more careful.

Absolutely wrong. You actually think that pot makes you a better driver? So wrong. It makes you better at using the radio controls.

A few years back I was stoned out of my mind driving and drove right through an intersection where a cop was directing traffic. I drove right through him telling me to stop. My passenger says to me, Did you see that cop? My answer,No what cop. lol
on Dec 14, 2004
I've decided to edit this post totally - it occurs that there could well be WC members who have lost a loved one as the result of the selfish actions of another who also believed their mind was altered for the better.
on Dec 14, 2004
I'm a complete lightweight and can't handle any kind of substance, yes I have tried a few things but could not handle it nor did I like or enjoy the effects, for me a good deep breath of night air is enough to make me high...
(that is good for the lungs and also clears the head alot whereas smoking any kind of substance does the opposite)