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I have tried having this conversion on other forums but it always gets out of hand with people flaming eachother. I just want to have a conversation about the subject and hear peoples thoughts on it and maybe clear some rumors about it up. There are many people who think it's bad and that it's very bad for your lungs. Me being from Canada I smoke it regularly so I don't have a problem with it. The only factor I can see is that it is bad for the lungs as is any smoke to inhale. I was thinking for medical reasons, if they extracted the THC from inside the plant and simply put it in canisters and distrubute it to patients much like anesthesia. That way there is no lung damage from inhaling the smoke and the patients can be given certian dosages to scale rather than having to smoke up.

Say what you have to say. All opinions welcome.

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on Dec 14, 2004
Smoking pot while driving increases your ability to focus...

... on the yellow lines in the middle of the road, as you watch them pass by in amazement.

And yes. I have done that. And yes. If you honestly belive that pot, or any other type of narcotic doesnt affect your ability to drive, then I would guess that you've smoked far too much already, or you *really really* enjoy living in fantasy land.

I'm astounded that with all the data available that someone would honestly choose to be that niave. Or maybe he's just trolling...

At any rate. Fantasy land. Yeah.
on Dec 14, 2004
Steve, you keep making the comparison to alcohol, which is a bad argument. To say that one is better than the other is not seeing the whole picture. It's like saying that it's better to get run over by a van than it is a car. The abuse of substances is the problem. Smoke at home, drink at home, but don't endanger other lives by driving while under the influence. You are awfully young to know so much. Maybe you have known people who have died because of substance abuse. Maybe you have seen marriages ruined or bank accounts squandered; but maybe you haven't. People will tend to feed their addictions before they feed their kids. Monkeys that are tested with cocaine starve to death because they always choose coke over food.
You may think that I am over the line or being too dramatic, but I know what I have seen. Just do it at home, if you want to ruin your brain, and don't ruin the lives of others. You may think you have a right and that you're pretty smart, but every time you try to make an argument, you're convicting yourself of being "not that smart". Just my opinion.
on Dec 14, 2004

I drive all the time after smoking and it actually enables me to concentrate easier.
on Dec 14, 2004
after studying the ancient science of herbs and yoga of foods for over thirty years, ive discovered that the healing quality of cannabis is best released when eaten ( like with healthy foods, etc) . this is the traditional way of useing it from the ancient times where they would watch how it would effect people over a long period of time. smoking it can cause problems; often subtle . if you want to use the herb, dont smoke it. smoking it can bring panic into your life.
if you must smoke it try putting a pinch of gotu kola or calamis root with it. this will reduce the toxicity brought on by all the residue ash of a smoked substance. gotu kola and calamis root are two of the most healing substances to smoke.
on Dec 14, 2004
I think it's really sad that us humans are actually born with a wish to f*ck up our bodies and minds. No other species have that wish, why do we?
If I ruled the world, I'd outlaw drugs in one second. And breaking that law would be punished extremely hard, like after 3 offences litterally cut an arm of or something similar. And yes, I'm serious. Drugs is one of the absolutely biggest factors to regeneration of society. The bad outweights the good by infinity. Can't someone just make all drugs go away RIGHT NOW???
I'm a normal student. I go to raves, I party hard between exams. But if I find out that someone that I know do drugs, I report that person and never talk to him or her again. It's as easy as that.
on Dec 14, 2004
Like I said before. Some people can't drive while under it, and some people can. I'm not saying that you should toke up and go hop in a car. That is not at all what I am saying. I normally don't drive after doing it, I would rather sit down and just talk with my friends and what not. I was simply saying that under the influence of marijuana and driving is much safer than being drunk and driving. As far as Night Train's comment that was simply because you haven't done the drug a lot and your the perfect example of those bad apples who shouldn't be driving. Me on the other hand am fine with it. I don't space out on the yellow lines, or get lost in radio controls. I see cops I see other cars I see traffic lights. I love driving it's one of the most fun you can have. I find whenever I am high and driving it just allows me to have a bigger love for driving and I enjoy it more because I am paying more attention to it. Now I can't speak for everyone and that isn't my intention to come off that way, but I am saying that for me it doesn't make driving harder it makes it easier. Living a stressful life it allows you to relax and focus on one thing (driving) that way your mind isn't busy thinking about the other problems in life.

As far as my age being a question that is a poor excuse age is simply a number and has no effect on your intelligence and knowledge.

Prehaps we could also get off the topic of driving and move to new points.

How does everyone feel about it being used in the medical industry?
on Dec 14, 2004
on Dec 14, 2004
What you want to do in your own private home is fine with me - be it smoking dope, shooting drugs, drinking alcohol etc...

As soon as it effects any one/thing other than yourself - then I got a problem with 'it'.

If your vise causes you imparement and you injure someone/thing - then I have a problem it.
If your vise causes my taxes to go up because I now have to pay more money for Gov. programs for all the addicted people - then I have a problem with it.

Herein lies the problem - sure , YOU could probably handle smoking , but someone else can't - which leads to my previous problems.
So - that's why there are laws - because some people CAN'T handle it - over do it, etc.

Why isn't Alcohol or Tobacco outlawed? Good question - can you say LOBBIEST

As for being used for Medicinal Purposes - absolutley - if anything can be used to ease the pain and suffering of individuals - and at the same time not pose the previously mentioned problems - go for it.
on Dec 14, 2004
As long as the patients will not be driving, it's OK.

I have a grand idea. Let's make all drugs legal. In the short term, there will be a huge spike in ODs and numbnuts running off roads, and all that schtuff, but after a while the useless bunch of weak DNAs will be eliminated from the gene pool and humanity will be better off.

So, go ahead Steve, puff another one... Even better, try something harder to see if you can handle it with your super senses and better-than-others brain. Do the humanity a favor...

There is a reason they are called mind-altering drugs... The evidence is you.

As for medical use, there are other pain-killers so just saying that pot is the only thing that helps is stupid. If a patient needs to be dozed on pot, we might as well just shoot them. They are a drag for humanity and I don't want to be paying for their legal pot.
on Dec 14, 2004
It seems to me that there are actually two different conversations going on here. One is the simple one about whether Marijuana should be legal. First off, I don't smoke it, or any other drugs, and very rarely drink (six pack lasts me a month or so). Up until my early twenties I did very large amoutns of just about anything that was around whether injested or smoked. Nowadays I don't have time for the crap. It does dull your senses and impairs your judgement (as does alcohol, with the addition of killing all of those wonderful grey cells). Although I have a dim view of the drugs and quite a few people who participate in their use, I think that they should be legalized (not just marijuana). Prohibition didn't work with alcohol and in the long run won't work for anything else. It just creates a multi-billion dollar market that never gets taxed and operates under the radar of the goverment (for the most part). The war on drugs is a joke and a waste of my paycheck. I think that what you do in the privacy of your own home is nobodys business, especially the government.

On the issue of driving under the influence, or participating in other activities that might harm others, the penalites cannot be too harsh. Anyone that gets behind the wheel of a car, or other equipment without their full and complete attention is a friggin idiot and should do time (at the minimum).

I also think that even though we should have the right to do whatever the hell we want in the privacy of our own homes, our employers ALSO have the right to drug test if they should choose to do so. If you don't like your employers policies, work elsewhere.
on Dec 14, 2004
@dethnite: ditto all the way
on Dec 14, 2004
I reluctantly am getting involved in this, simply because of the misinformation.
1) THC has been synthesised for sometime, and is not effective . Chemotherapy patients suffering from dismal nausea, MS people with the spasms, and Glaucoma people all must smoke to achieve benefit from the dreaded weed.

2) marijauna was illegalized after prohibition was a dismal failure. There needed to be a "bad guy" so the killer weed that those awful jazz musicians were smoking won the prize. Laws will never change because politicians need something to scare people with, and while close to a dozen states have legalized it for medicinal use, the feds can still supercede state laws if they need some publicity.
3) marijuana is not addictive unto itself. If one has an addictive personality, then aspirin can become a crutch.
4)We know drunks kill thousands every year on the road, yet it is legal. Tobacco kills even more and is still subsidized by the taxpayers, even after its been proven that the industry deliberately manipulated the nicotine levels to cause addiction.

I dont advocate the use of any drug, but I abhor hypocrisy
on Dec 14, 2004
on Dec 14, 2004
on Dec 14, 2004
I find whenever I am high and driving it just allows me to have a bigger love for driving and I enjoy it more because I am paying more attention to it.

Now what happens when you focus your attention on something else while behind the wheel? Can you guarantee that you won't harm anyone? Probably not. You should consider your actions when driving under the influence of any drug or alcohol. Could you live with yourself if you were to harm or kill another?

As with any drug, when used as prescribed by a doctor for medicinal purposes, it should be allowed. Its when you abuse drugs, it can become a problem for you, and other people. What you do in your own home is your business. You wanna get high, keep it at home where it belongs.